Effect of omega-3 on some productive and eggs traits of Japanese quail

  • Muhammad Jodi Shahid
  • Anfal Saud Abdul-Razzaq Al-Aboudi


The study was conducted to determine the effect of adding omega-3 fatty acid to the quail's diet on some productive and egg quality traits. This experiment was conducted in the poultry field, Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture and Marshes, University of Thi Qar, from 10/202021 to 02/14/2022. A total of 300 quail birds, 45 days age, were used, which was fed on three diet type, the first diet (control ration) without adding oil, the second ration was added to it with sunflower oil (0.01%), the third diet was added to omega-3 oil at a rate of (0.01%). The results showed that there were significant differences on the rate of egg production, egg weight and mass, feed conversion factor for egg production, egg shape index, yolk index, shell weight, yolk color and shell thickness for the treatment to which omega-3 oil was added in comparison with the rest of the treatments.


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