Aims and Scope

In order to contribute effectively to the dissemination of modernity or innovation in agricultural science researches, which is the goal of the UTJagr. Thus, after critical review and approval by the editorial board, UTJagr publishes articles reporting research findings in animal, food procssening and soil–plant relationships;

  • Crop science and forage Crop ;
  • Soil science;
  • Animal science and related to veterinary science;
  • Horticulture and land-scab science;
  • Agro-climatology;
  • Agronomic models;
  • Integrated pest management;
  • Agricultural mechanization;
  • Agricultural entomology,
  • Weed science and Turf-grass;
  • Plant pathology and Viruses;
  • Agricultural Economics;
  • Agricultural education and Extension;
  • Food processing;
  • And any related science to Agriculture.