Study of clinical signs and post mortem changes in vaccinated and unvaccinated buffaloes experimentally infected with the virulent Pasturella multocida bacterium that causes hemorrhagic septicemia in buffaloes-South of Iraq .

  • Jalil Abed Gatie
  • Ibrahim Abbas Mohammed
Keywords: - clinical signs - buffalo - haemorrhagic septicemia – post mortem - challenge test


Hemorrhagic septicemia  is an important disease of cattle and buffaloes. Which causes disease revolutions with great economic losses in Asia and Africa, and in Iraq it is considered one of the more dangerous diseases in buffaloes than in cows. This study was prepared to reassess the vaccination program against hemorrhagic septicemia, which is used in Iraq, especially in buffaloes, due to the nature of their lives in the marshes and as a result of the epidemic that occurred in 2008 by conducting a challenge test on buffaloes directly with a study of some physiological and immunological aspects before and after examining the challenge, as well as the effect of virulent germ The animal body has clinical symptoms and pathological changes when the post mortem is performed. This study has the advantage of using the buffalo itself by performing the challenge assay directly on it. We can depend on animal mortality, clinical symptoms and local interaction to distinguish animal resistance to the challenge test and the efficacy of the vaccine type in immunization of buffaloes against hemorrhagic septicemia. Clinical and pathological symptoms may be used on the field diagnosis of the disease and are considered as enhancement for bacterial diagnosis.


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