The effectiveness of Ultrasonography in predicting Pregnancy, litter size, viability and embryo/fetal age during first three months post-breeding in Iraqi Shami does




Ultrasonography, pregnancy detection, viability, fetal number, does


This study aimed to evaluate the detection efficiency of early pregnancy by Ultrasonography (ULR), and also to estimate embryo/fetal age, embryo/fetal count and viability in Iraqi Shami Does. Thirty-five mature does were synchronized using progesterone intra-vaginal sponges for 12 days+ equine Chorionic Gonadotrophin (eCG) (500 IU) after sponge removal.  Estrus was detected after two days in only 28 does, therefore, seven does were excluded. All does (n=28) were mated by four breeding bucks. Pregnancy monitoring, embryo/fetus number and developmental stages during the does gestation was carried out with B-mode Transrectal ultrasonography (TRU) (Transrectal probe) on days 17-29 Post mating (PM) using a frequency 6.5-7.5 MHz, and Transabdominal Ultrasonography (TAU) with in days 36-90 PM with frequency 3.5-4.5 MHz. The results revealed that the conception rate was 85.71% (24/28) and the Predicted +value (PV+), Predicted –value (PV-), Sensitivity (Se), Specificity (Sp) and Accuracy (Acc) were low on days 17-20 PM, which recorded 50%, 4%, 12%, 25% and 14% respectively. All detection values between 96-100% in the period 36-50 PM, and 100% in day 60 onwards. The efficiency in predicting embryo/fetal number was 77% and 75% for estimating twin (Se) and singleton (Sp) pregnancies in days 23-29 PM, and the detection parameters reached 100% by day 60, then declined after that. The embryo/fetal viability was 60% in the early gestational period and reached 96% between days 36–50 PM, and 100% after that. The correlation coefficient between embryo/fetal age and Embryonic Vesicle Diameter (EVD), Crown Rump Length (CRL) and Trunk Diameter (TD) was recorded as very high in different gestational ages; R² = 0.99 (23-42 days), R² = 0.97 (23-60 days) and R² = 0.98 (42-90 days). It was concluded that ULR (by using both TRU and TAU) was reliable, very efficient and safe to predict pregnancy, embryo/fetal count, viability and age between days 23-35 and 35-90 PM, respectively.


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