The effect of fermented poultry waste by various methods (compost, soaking in water, bioreactor technology) supported by the mineral recommendation




poultry waste, bioreactor, separated solid manure, separated liquid manure, compost, soaking in water


Following the scientific management of organic waste (poultry) may contribute to reducing environmental pollution and human health, as the current study was conducted with the aim of recycling (Recycling) poultry waste accumulated in the field of poultry farming at the research station - Faculty of Agriculture - Karma Ali site, following many traditional fermentation methods (compost and soaking in water) and modern (bioreactor) With a statement of the possibility of improving the quality specifications of organic fertilizer produced by bioreactor technology by separation method for more than one part and the effect of soil treatment (clay mixture) with organic fertilizer produced by the mentioned methods and supported by levels of mineral fertilizer recommendation of urea fertilizer (N% 46), concentrated superphosphate (P2O5% 46) and potash fertilizer (K2O 50% K) In some chemical and physical soil characteristics after the end of the planting season. The results showed that there is a significant effect of treating the soil with fermented poultry waste in different ways in the values of pH, electrical conductivity, bulk density, weighted catler rate and total soil porosity with significant superiority for soil treatment with fermented organic fertilizer using bioreactor technology and steel fraction and reinforced with 75% or 100% of the mineral fertilizer recommendation in improving most of the characteristics of the mentioned soil.


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- The fermentation process of organic fertilizer (animal waste) anaerobic bioreactor device results in two liquid separators that can be used with irrigation water and a solid separation of high quality containing the majority of organic matter and with a high content of essential nutrients and ready for absorption by the plant and with a low salt level.

- The separation process by the locally generated centrifuge has achieved a positive role in the fermentation process as a complementary unit to the process of producing anaerobic fermented organic fertilizer in the bioreactor device.

- The treatment of soil with solid organic fertilizer separated from the bioreactor device contributed to improving most of the physical and chemical properties of the soil with the superiority of all qualities for this treatment compared to the Control treatment and the treatment of organic fertilizer prepared by traditional methods, which reflected on agricultural production and improving its qualities and quality, free from pollution and pathogens, and its contribution to raising the environmental, social and health level.

- Reduce mineral fertilizers by up to 25-50%


- Exploiting animal waste, especially abandoned poultry waste, by converting it into high-quality organic fertilizer free of pathogens, reducing the percentage of unpleasant odors, and working to clean the environment to contribute to sustainable agriculture and achieve a return for agricultural crop

- The use of anaerobic fermented organic fertilizer as an alternative to mineral fertilizers or supported by the text of the recommendation for each crop

- Continuity of research in this field and the work of a developed study to maintain all conditions of the device

- The need to provide a bioreactor device for each farm supported by a separation device to establish an integrated unit and project with an economic return for the agricultural crop


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