Some genetic and non-genetic factors affecting a number of carcass characteristics in sheep

  • Abdullah Hameed Salim
  • Zaman Ali Munshid Al-Zayadi


This study was conducted in one of the animal islands stores (private sector) in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district, south of Dhi Qar Governorate, for the period from 5/11/2021 to 8/5/2022 on a sample of 49 local Iraqi sheep (Orabi). The experiment included Slaughtering sheep in the butcher’s shop and studying some characteristics of the carcass and taking a sample of meat for the purpose of calculating some of the chemical properties of the meat samples. It was found that the age of the animal had a significant and clear effect on most of the studied traits, while the animal’s sex had no significant effect in all the studied traits. A significant effect was observed in the color of the wool In each of the characteristics of the percentage of dressing, water carrying capacity and the index of fiber breakage in meat. The results showed the selection of red and black sheep for the characteristics of water carrying capacity and the evidence of fiber breakage, and the selection of sheep of black and white colors for the characteristic of the clearing ratio.


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