Effect of foliar spraying with atonic on some vegetative and flowering characteristics of cucumber Cucumis melo. Var flexuosus

  • Ghufran Zaid Khalaf AL-Rikabi
  • Batool Hanoon Falih AL-Zubaidy
Keywords: Cucumber, atonics, fruit set, plant height


The experiment was carried out in one of the unheated greenhouses in the station of the College of Agriculture and Marshes / University of Dhi Qar during the fall season 2020-2021, to study the effect of the atonic biostimulant on the growth and yield of cucumber (Cucumber).Cucumis melo. Var flexuosus naud) Under protected cultivation, and used two types of cucumber plant (al - Baghdadi and Hillawi), and implemented using the design of full random sectors included working experience and three replicates a compatibility between the two types of Alqthae option and four concentrations of the catalyst vital Alatunak were compared to the average transaction under test less significant difference Significant Differences Least LSD at a probability level of 0.05.


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