A study of measuring blood sugar levels in cows in areas around Nasiriyah city using the ready-made ACCU_CHEK method and using a kit.

  • Jalil Abed Gatie
Keywords: cow, glucose concentration, glucometer, Accu-chek.


Measuring the concentration of sugar in cows is very important to assess their health status, as well as the possibility of treatment with solutions containing sugar to treat a number of diseases that affect cows. The range of sugar concentration in cows is 42-75 mg / 100 ml of blood. The study aimed at the possibility of using the ACCU-CHEK device with human use to measure sugar concentration in cows due to the speed of results, ease of use, low price of the device and the attached tapes, and the possibility of transporting it and working in the field compared to the spectrometer and kit attached to it. This study was designed to compare two methods for measuring the concentration of sugar in the blood of cows, which are kit, in which 52 blood samples were used from healthy and sick cows and calves living in the suburbs of Nasiryah city, and the ACCU-CHEK rapid device method using a drop of blood from 52 heads of cows and calves for direct use. Accu-chek  (device) can be used to measure the concentration of sugar in the blood of cows, especially in various clinical conditions, including cases of hypoglycemia that are treated with sugar itself, and measuring the concentration of sugar is very important when diagnosing diseases in cows that causes high and low sugar concentrations and due to the ease of use and transportation of the device and its low price and the price of test strips ,compared with kit method, we recommend using it in cow glucose measurement  and using it in veterinary medicine.


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