The effect of Biozyme TF seaweed application on date palm(Phoenix dactylifera L.) in vitro

  • Aqeel abbood suhaim Alkhalifa date palm research center – basra university
Keywords: date palm, seaweed


The aim of present study to evaluate the effect of Biozyme seaweed addition at different concentrations (0,50 and 100 mgl/l)on date palm khadrawii icropropagation as an alternative to palnt growth regulator  (PGR). Results explained that the seaweed treatments led to decrease the contamination percent of cultured tissues to the minimal level compared with other treatments ,while ,the browning percent parameter did not show any significant differences in seaweed and PGR treatments.non-significant differences in the required time to lateral buds formation have been observed at the treatments of PGR and seaweed,the precents were 92.3 and 94.6 days,respectively .non of lateral buds were produced in control treatment over the time of incubation.

       The lowest time requirement for bud formation was observed at 10BA/1NAA treatment which was 77 days with an average of 11 buds,followed by seaweed treatment at 100 mg/l which reported 88.3 days and 8 buds, statistical  analysis revealed the superior effect of PGR treatment on the number of lateral buds and multiplication percent ,while the treatment of 10BA/1NAAreported the highest number of multiplied buds which was 9.6 buds without any significant difference than seaweed treatment at 100 mg/l with an average of 8.8 buds, hence, the highest  average of growth height was 7.3 cm at the same medium compared to 6.4 cm at seaweed treatment.

        Results revealed that the buds dipping treatment with seaweed at 100mg/l for 5 min led to improve all of examined features , the dipping treatment of 10BA/1NAA reported a 9.6 buds compared with 8 buds at non-dipping treatment. seaweed dipping treatment at 100mg/l led to increase the buds formation from 7.4 buds non-dipping treatment to 9.6 buds. All of examined growth heights were significantly increased in dipping treatment at PGR and seaweed treatments.


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