Effect of spraying with bio stimulators “agrosign and liquid humus” on vegetative growth characteristics and volatile oil yield of local mint plant (Mentha spicata L.)

  • Samira A.K. Matroad
  • Zyad T.S. Al-Ali
Keywords: النعناع, الزيوت الطيارة


The study was conducted during the growth season 2016/2017 in one of the private fields in the area of Hartha, 10 km from the center of Basrah. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of the treatment with the bio stimulators “agrosign and liquid humus” on vegetative growth and volatile oil yield of local mint plant. The results showed that the plants treated with agrosign at a concentration of 0.75 ml.L-1 gave a significant increase in leaf content of total chlorophyll compared to control treatment. The plants treated with a concentration of 1.50 ml.L-1 agrosign gave a significant increase in fresh and dry weight, the percentage of volatile oil and total yield of oil compared to 0.75 ml.L-1 treatment, which significantly exceeded the control treatment. Plants treated with liquid humus at a concentration of 0.5 and 1.0 ml.L-1 gave a significant increase in plant height and 1.0 ml.L-1 in leaf content of total chlorophyll. The treatment with liquid humus at 1.0 ml.L-1 concentration gave a significant increase in fresh and dry weight, the percentage of volatile oil and total yield of oil compared to control treatment. The effect of the interaction between the factors was significant in all studied characteristics.  


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