Effect of some factors on intestinal parasitic infections

  • Hanaa Daaj Khalaf Al-Mozan
  • Yahya T. Daoud
  • Khalid M. Dakhil
Keywords: : Intestinal parasites, , Entamoeba histolytica


The present study has included collection of 1001 fecal samples of children aged seven years old and less than that age who visited different hospitals in Thi – Qar Province and in different area to ensure study for all province during the period from the first of October 2010 to the end of July 2011 to find out extent of the relationship between infection with intestinal parasites and factors age, sex, month, nature of water used for drinking, economic status, Location of residence, type of feeding , Education level of parents and Signs or clinical symptoms associated with infection of intestinal parasites . The fecal samples were examined by two methods: direct and indirect by floatation . The results have showed that percentage of infected children with parasites was % 33.3 . The single infections were prevailing with % 32 and Entamoeba histolytica formed high percentage % 28.8 in it , while the double infections reached % 1.2 as for the triple infection was found in one case in male aged four years old . Significant differences weren't found between intestinal parasitic infection and factors age , six , months, location of residence, type of feeding and educational level of parents while the differences were significant for economic factor and the water used for drinking and Signs or clinical symptoms associated with infection of intestinal parasites .


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