Effect of the phosphate fertilizer and organic manure and interact between them on (Vicia faba L) growth and production

  • Riyadh Shaker B.
Keywords: : Vicia faba, , organic manure


The experiment was conducted at the College of Agriculture farm, Sumer University during winter season 2015 – 2016 in clay loam soil to investigate the effect of the phosphate and organic manure on growth and production of Vicia faba. Three poultry residues levels (0, 2.5 and 5 ton.ha-1 ) and three levels of phosphate fertilizers levels (0, 60 ,120kg P . ha-1) were added. The experiments used RCBD , with three replicates .

     Results showed that significant differences between organic residue levels with the 5 tons . ha-1   addition was significantly the best on plant green, pod along , dry weight ,phosphorus content in the shoot compared with no addition. The addition 2.5 ton . ha-1 was significantly the best on plant   height , pod numbers per plant compared with the control . On the other hand , the results showed significant differences among phosphate the in all Plant characteristic levels (120)kg k.ha-1 was significantly the best in most of the studied plant characteristics. the two interaction treatment                             (5 tons.ha-1 +120 kg . ha -1 ) and ( 5tons . ha-1 + 60 kg k. ha-1 ) were significantly the best in most of the studied plant characteristics (Plant height , pod number , pod length and the dry weight .


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