Description of the growth of Blue tilapia (Steindachner, 1864) in Oreochromis aureus in the Tigris River south of Baghdad

  • Raaed Sami Attee
  • Abd Al Karim jassem Abu Alheni
  • Salam Zidane Khalifa
Keywords: نهر دجلة, ألبلطي ألأزرق


This study was conducted in the Tigris River south of Baghdad in the period from July 2016 to June 2017. During this period, 236 blue tilapia blue was harvested using various fishing tools (nets, sieves and stoves). With total lengths ranging from 35 to 279 mm and with total weights from 11.6 to 387.79 g. The water temperature was 8.5 to 31c˚ and the air temperature was between 9.2 - 35.1c˚ and the pH of 7.2 - 8.2 was suitable for the growth and survival of fish in the Tigris River. The largest annual increase in length during the first year of the blue tilapia was 82.56 mm and 37.00%, and it is not subject to me because it was fluctuating between rise and fall. She lives until the seventh year of her life and decreases with age. The relationship between the total length and the total weight was found to b (1.76) and is not symmetrical. The values ​​of growth parameters k 0.06 and to (-0.18) yr, respectively, and the maximum expected length of L was 293.68 mm. The condition factor was 1.79 and indicated a good health and nutrition status of fish



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