Using of Qataf (Atriplex halimus L.) and Water hyacinth (Echhornia grassipes)leaves and their mixture in Comon carp(Cyprinus carpio L.) diets

  • Ali H. Salman Almuthanna university
  • Ahmed R. Jabar Aldiwanya directorate
  • Mariam J. Mohammed Almuthanna university
Keywords: Atriplex halimus L.


           This study was conducted to knowing the effect of using Qataf  (Atriplex halimus L.) and Water hyacinth (Echhornia grassipes) leaves and their mixture on comon carp feeding Cyprinus carpio L. ، 80 fish were used at an average weight 50±0.37 g distributed randomly on four treatments by four replicate for each treatment .similar protein content treatments to control treatment were used but it different from control by containing different levels from Qataf and Water hyacinth leaves (T2 20% Qataf , T3 20% water hyacinth ,T4 10 Qataf +10% Water hyacinth) .The fish fed on experimental treatments by 3% of its weight  daily ،The experiment continued for 8 weeks .The result of statistical analysis showed T4 was the best experimental diets which gave the higher levels for most studied characters ،There were significant differences between it and control treatment on most studied characters. Fish which fed on T4 diet gave the higher final weight ، weight gain ، relative growth rate and specific growth rate ,followed by T2 ,This indicates the possibility of using Qataf and water hyacinth plant leaves and their mixture on comon carp diets with possibility of increasing the replacement ratio to more than levels that using from each plant leaves.


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