Some Factors Affecting on stability of Antioxidant Activity of Carnosines Extracted From Some Animal Sources

  • Lena Samer Mohammed Food Science Dept - College of Agriculture - University of BasrahBasrah - Iraq
  • Rawdha Mahmood. Ali Food Science Dept - College of Agriculture - University of BasrahBasrah - Iraq
  • Aum-El-Bashar, H.J AL-Mossawi  Food Science Dept - College of Agriculture - University of BasrahBasrah - Iraq
Keywords: Antioxidant


Carnosines were extracted from chicken breast meat, goose breast meat, alkhshni fish , bovine thigh meat and bovine brain, by using alcohol separation, factors influencing the consistency of effective antioxidant carnosines prepared with temperature , pH , sodium chloride salt , light , and sugars, were during examined the consistency of carnosines antioxidants towards different degrees of thermal treatment ranging betwen 25-121Cº, the highest value was 70 Cº, with the change in pH of 3-11 carnosines showed an increase in antioxidant effectiveness with increasing pH value down to 11, when different treatment in concentrations of salt NaCl ranged between 2% and 8% were higher effective antioxidant when concentration was 4% and exceed antioxidant effectiveness of carnosines transactions when they were to darkness. More than that were exposed to light, and showed a high susceptibility carnosines interact with the sugars were higher effectiveness with the sugar fructose which is increasing with increasing to a maximum at 400 mg/ml concentration.


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