Response of growth traits, yield and components of maize crop Zea mays L.everta for planting dates, irrigation periods and different plowing depths

  • Hussein Razzaq Nayyef Technical institute of Shatrah
  • Ali Salim Hussein Technical institute of Shatrah
Keywords: yield, Zea mays L.


A field experiment was carried out during the autumn season 2014-2015 in the fields of the Technical Institute Shatra. To determine the response of the maize harvest, 106 different planting dates (July 1, July 15, August 1) and different irrigation periods (5, 10, 15) were studied and day tillings (20 cm, 30 cm). The experiment was applied using RCBD in the order of splintered splinters with four replicates. The irrigation periods of the main plates were occupied and the secondary plates were cultured while the subsurface planks included plowing depth. The results showed that the height of the plant, the guide of paper area, the length of the clover, the number of rows in the clove, the number of grains in the clove, the weight of 100 g and the grain yield of 1 ha were significantly affected by the study factors. The results indicated that the irrigation period exceeded every 10 days significantly on the other two treatments and gave the highest rate of grain yield of 5.45 and 5.22 tons ha -1 for the seasons 2014-2015 respectively. The results showed that the plowing at a depth of 20 cm significantly exceeded the treatment of plowing 30 cm and gave the highest rate of grain yield of 4.98 and 4.63 tons ha -1 for the years 2014-2015 sequentially and the results showed that the date of planting 15/7 significantly higher than the dates And gave the highest rate of grain yield and a relative increase of 23.25% and 22.80% compared to the first date of July 1 and the dates 2014-2015 sequentially.
The results of the statistical analysis indicated that there were significant differences between the study factors in the grain yield status. The irrigation period was given every 10 days and the tillage was 20 cm deep. The highest cereal yield was 5.56 and 5.38 tons ha -1 and a relative increase of 33,01 And 35.51% for both seasons. As for the triangular overlap, the results showed that the planting time was 15/7 at a depth of 20 cm under the irrigation period every 10 days and gave the highest rate of grain yield of 6.86 and 6.20 tons ha-1  for the seasons 2014 and 2015 in succession.


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