study the effect of surface and subsurface shape factor on The function advance water in Border Irrigation

  • Abbas J. Ismaeel Dept. of Civil Engineering, Coll. of Engineering / Univ.of Thi - Qar
Keywords: Border Irrigation


The current study included a study of the effect of surface and subsurface shape factor on The function advance water in Border Irrigation. This study used a real field data, which included different values of the variables involved and the mechanism of irrigation Alchrista is the value of manning coefficient (n) , The exponent of infiltration function from kostiakov equation (c , m) , Border slope at direction of flow (S) , inflow rate per unit width of border at the start of the track (q) in addition to the constant and the exponent of advance equation (a , b) for real data field. After that, water advance distance with time calculated from field data and compared with the calculated values from proposed methods and values calculated from the equation of water exponent. After that, the depth of infiltration at (100 minutes) from the beginning of irrigation was calculated and also was painted the relationship between the water advance distance with the depth of infiltration. The results showed there are considerable differences between the values calculated for a water advance distance provided under the proposed models and higher than the results of field models and values calculated by the equation of water exponent, Which leads to the conclusion that the designs based on these two models is not accuracy. The results also showed that the wettability distance assumed by both (Fok and Bishop, 1965) and (Sterlkoff and Katapodes, 1977) is the largest of the wettability real distance, Leading to a decrease in the amounts water given to irrigating in the final meters of the track. Finally, the results showed that the shape coefficient should be variable with the advance distance.


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