Evaluation of water quality on some wells in Basrah Governorate for irrigation purposes.

  • Amen Hussein Jabber Basrah university, Agriculture College
Keywords: Evaluation


The study was conducted at selected sites in some of the desert areas in Basra for three sites in El-Bargesia, Khor El-Zubair and Safwan for the classification of well water and its suitability for irrigation and when matching the values of chemical analysis of water wells related to the qualitative classification criteria for water, which include electrical conductivity and sodium adsorption, The American salinity laboratory, the water of the Barges wells is classified into C4S4, which is very salty and very high water from the sodium adsorbent and the Khor al-Zubayr is classified into C4S3, which is very saline and very harmful to the adsorbent sodium The water of Aabar Safwan took the same classification as the Khawr al-Zubayr water, ie, the C4S3, and according to the classification of Ashcroft 1972 (Taylor), the water is classified according to the values of the electrical conductivity to class D, which describes the water very badly in the three sites either according to Fipps (2003) Water is classified according to the values of the electrical conductivity to class (4), which describes the water without irrigating in the three sites According to the percentage of adsorption of sodium, the water is classified into the second type, the average damage at the sites of Burjisia, Khor al-Zubayr and the harmless species in Safwan.


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