Industrial wastewater treatment of fertilizer factory \ south region\ Basrah and their effect on some properties if soil planted with tomato.

  • Samah R.Ghowied Dept. soil Sci. Water Res., Coll. Agric., Univ. Basrah, Basrah, IRAQ
  • Mohamed A. Abdul Kareem Dept. soil Sci. Water Res., Coll. Agric., Univ. Basrah, Basrah, IRAQ
  • Najla .J.AL-Amiri Dept. soil Sci. Water Res., Coll. Agric., Univ. Basrah, Basrah, IRAQ
Keywords: wastewater


The study was conducted to investigate the possibility of using the effluent originated from fertilizers factory/ south region, Basrah province for tomato irrigation. Effluent samples were collected from urea unite line, ammonia unite lion, and collection basin in 3\9\2015. Tap water was used as control water. Three types of filters were used to enhance the characteristics of water collected from the fertilizers factory which are Rice Husk Ash filter, sand filter and Rice Husk Ash + sand filter(75:25). chemical characteristics (EC, PH, Ca++, Mg++, Na+, K+, Cl-, SO4=, total hardness, NO3-, NH4+, urea) were obtained before and after filtration. Basin on above experiment, a pot experiment was conducted to study the effect of fertilizers industry effluents on some chemical parameters of soil. Each pot was prepared by filling loamy sand soil 10 kg collected from a farm nearby the factory. All the pots were fertilized by manure, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen fertilizer (urea) was applied an equivalent of 0, 50% and 100% of recommended level (300 kg N ha-1). Tomato seedlings (hybride Newton F1) were transplanted in the pots. The pots were irrigated with above fertilizer industry effluents or tap water after the seedlings standing in the pots. After 90 days, soil samples were collected to measure EC, pH, NO3- and, NH4.

The results showed  that chemical parameters (EC, NH4+ and NO3-) of soil were differed by different filter used and follow the order: control (without filtration) < sand filter < Rice Husk Ash + sand filter < Rice Husk Ash filter. However soil pH was not affected at different filters used. Increasing the level of nitrogen significantly increased EC, NH4+ and NO3- in soil and decreased soil PH. Soil chemical parameters and plant growth parameters were differed by different source of fertilizers industry effluents and follow: ammonia line < urea line < collection basin < tap water.


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