Studying the effect of some herbicides on the weeds Accompanying wheat crop in terms of wheat growth and yield components. AL-SAIDAN KHUDHAIR JOUDAH YASIR

  • خضير جودة ياسر السعيدان University of Thi- Qar - Marshes Research Center
Keywords: weeds


An experiment was carried out in a reclaimed land fields Fudaliyah district south of Thi Qar province during the 2015-2016 growing season  in order to evaluate some herbicides (Granstar, Everst, Cronus) to combat the weeds associated with the wheat crop (Spergula arvensis, Melilotus indicus, Loliun temulentum L) and their impact on wheat yield and its components. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) was used with four replications. Significantly affected herbicides in most of the traits. Everst herbicide recorded the lowest average number of weeds (9.0, 3.5, 3.5) plant \ m2 respectively. However the comparison treatment gave the highest average for this trait (41.5, 15.5, 8.5) plant \ m2 sequentially. Thus, Everst herbicide reduced number of weeds for rates (78%, 77.42%, 58%) respectively, compared to the comparison treatment which led to reduce dry weight of these weeds for rates (24%, 21%, 23.67%). Everst herbicide gave the highest average in plant height (120.8 cm) , number of plants \ m2 (121.3) plant \ m2 , number of spikes \ m2 (256.5) spike \ m2 and , spike length (13.5 cm) , 1000-seed weight (58.24 g) and wheat yield (1.62 t / d). We conclude that the fight against the weeds associated with the wheat crop by chemical herbicide leads to increased wheat yield. Everst herbicide was the best to give a good fight against the weeds and wheat yield and components for wheat.


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