Studying the effect of implement of two plowing depths and manure mixing with soil on the electrical conductivity

  • Shaker H. Aday Agricultural machines and equipment dept
  • Kawther A. Hemeed Soil Sciences and water resources dept
  • Murtadha A. Al-faris Agricultural machines and equipment dept
Keywords: conductivity, electrical


A field experiment was carried out to study the effect using implement that plows and disturbs the soil in two depths and the addition of manure in the electrical comductivity (EC) of silty loam soil. The implement manufactured in the machines and equipment dept., Agriculture College of Basrah University in 2015. The tillage treatment were tow depths of the moldboard plough (M), the first depth was 20 cm (M20) with three depths of subsoiler (S) (20, 30 and40 cm) and the second was 30 cm (M30) with subsoiler depths of (10, 20 and 30 cm). The treatments were carried out once without the addition of manure (OM0) and again with the addition of manure (OM1). The soil EC was measured in two periods, after tillage and at the end of the season after harvesting the sunflower crop. The results showed an increase in the value of EC for OM1 after plowing by 3.97% compared with OM0. The depth d6 recorded the highest value reached to 20.14 dS m-1. While at the end of the season after harvesting the crop the EC values decreased ​​for OM1 by 5.94% Compared with OM0 while EC values ​​increased when soil depth was increased. The treatments M20S40 and M30S30 gave the lowest values ​​for the EC, which were 6.83 and 6.77 dSm -1 respectively. M20S20 recorded the highest values ​​in the EC for the OM0 at the depth of d6 it was 16.57 dS m -1. While M30S30 of the OM1 recorded the lowest values ​​which were 4.15 and 4.16 dS m-1 for the depths d1 and d2, respectively.


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