Isolation,and,Purification,of green,algae Cladophora glomerata kutzing and studies,the,effect,of alcohols,extracts,in blood parameters in the,normal and diabetic,femal,rats

  • Hussien Y.ALRekabi Southern Technical University in Dhi-Qar-Technical Institute- Dep.Nursing
  • Khalid G.ALFartosi Dhi-Qar University-Science College- Dept.Biology
  • Zahrah Sh.ALMajed Ministry Education- Diectorate of Education Dhi- Qar
Keywords: Purification, Cladophora


The current study involved isolating and purifying the green algae from Euphrates River in the city of Nasiriyah and knowledge of alcoholic extract effect with  concentrations (2.5 , 5 mg/kg ) in the  some blood parameters for Female rats natural laboratory and experimentally in effected diabetic.

The results showed a get no significant decrease (P <0.05) in the number of red blood cells in the second group compared to the first group and a significant decrease (P <0.05) in RBCs in the fourth and sixth groups compared to the first and second groups Respectively, a significant decrease (P <0.05) in (WBCs) in the second group compared to the first group and significant increase in WBCs in the fifth and sixth groups compared to the second group and the non-significant increase in (P <0.05 ) In percentages of blood cells, neutrophiles compared to (first and second) groups, respectively, while there was a significant increase in the percentages of Acidophiles blood cells in the three and fourth groups compared to the first group and significant increase(P <0.05)in the percentages of Monocytes blood cells compared with the first and the second groups respectively. There was also a significant decrease (P <0.05) in the percentages of  Lymphocytes blood cells, compared to the first and second groups, respectively.


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